Friday, February 8, 2013

Desperate Housedogs

Author: Sparkle Abbey
Genre: Mystery

3 Stars

Caro Lamont is a former psychologist turned pet therapist, and she makes a house call to help a client with his two misbehaving German Shepherds. But two hours later the police find him dead, impound his dogs, and discover she was probably the last person to see him alive.  She becomes 'a person of interest' in his murder; and when another client, and friend, is arrested, she tries to help find the real killer.

This book had a really good mystery, and I liked that.  It was well written and thought out, to a point, that being:

What I didn't like: the lead detective, Judd Malone (and probably potential love interest, but you wouldn't know it in this book) walks around wearing leather. In southern California. In the summer. No wonder he's always in a bad mood. The humidity probably had him sweltering.

Caro is supposed to be a pet therapist, but it seems all her 'clients' are dogs.  There are references to other animals, but everyone in the book owns a dog.  So, is she a pet therapist or a dog therapist?  Hmmm.....

Then there's The Brooch. The subplot concerns an ugly brooch that was left by Grandma Tillie to 'her favorite granddaughter'.  There is interaction between Caro and her cousin Mel that I found extremely annoying, and I thought it detracted from the story.  Because of this, I rate it 3 stars, since it's still worth reading.

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