Friday, February 22, 2013

Good or Bad Book?

I read an article recently where an author had his book reviewed, and it must not have been very good, since he responded with the thought that he was a better writer than the person was a reviewer, and that his writing was far above what the reviewer could understand.  (Not exactly a quote, but pretty much what it said).  I don't know personally whether the reviewer attacked the book or the author, but it is NEVER okay to attack the author.  They have put their heart and soul into writing, and while it is perfectly fine to not like a book, or the style of writing, you should never make a personal attack on the author.

That being said, the bottom line is this:  Everyone is different. Every book was not meant for every person. Everyone will read a book and come away with something different. Every reviewer is different, and they will all see books differently. Would you really want everyone in the world to read a book and like only certain ones, and not others? What a boring world it would be. What a dearth of authors we would have. If you choose to write a book, you must also take the risk of having it criticized or loved. If you want all people to love your book, then you really have no business writing one in the first place.

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