Friday, February 8, 2013

Sketch Me If You Can

Author: Sharon Pape
Genre: Mystery
5 Stars

Rory is a police sketch artist who inherited her private investigator uncle's home - and the ghost that comes with it. He also leaves her a letter to be opened in the event of his death. She doesn't open the letter, and in the middle of the night she sees someone staring at her from across the room. Well, it turns out the "someone" is a ghost named Ezekiel Drummond, an 1870's lawman; and when he finally gets her to read the letter, it is revealed that he was her uncle's 'partner', and he is in the house because he was murdered there and can't leave until he finds out who did it.
Well done, Ms. Pape. Although the beginning started out slow (and I mean so slow, I thought about giving it up); after around forty pages or so, I'm glad I stuck with it.  The story started to pick up, and we began to learn more about her Uncle and how and why he died.  

I will not add to that. I will say that I was more interested in the backstory - that of Ezekiel Drummond's - more so than Rory's. (who was hired by a man to find out about his sister's death). Which is not to say that the main plot was not interesting; but that I don't think without Mr. Drummond it would have been much of a book. Just another murder mystery with similar motives for the same. Indeed, it was the addition of the colorful ghost which brings the story to life. Highly recommended.

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