Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thyme of Death

Author: Susan Wittig Albert
Genre: Mystery 
3 Stars 
This is the first book in the China Bayles series.  She is an ex-attorney turned herb shop owner in the small town of Pecan Springs, Texas.  When her friend, Jo, dies of suicide, China doesn't believe it and thinks that perhaps one of the town's residents killed here, so she starts looking for the murderer.

This book had a pretty good mystery, but I found the people to be either stereotypical or just wrong.  Her best friend, Ruby, is a New Ager - and always trying to get people around to her way of thinking.  She's also pretty weird.  By that, I mean she has 'orange frizzy hair' and likes to wear red.  Not a good choice.  Also, her outfits are pretty "out there".
I will also state that it is very hard to review this book without giving away too much.  I will say this:  She was a lawyer but drives an old, beat-up car.  I know I wouldn't hire a lawyer who didn't have a decent car.  Did she sell a nice one and buy the beat-up one because she moved to a small town?
 My main problem is the people don't talk like Texans.  My father was a Texan, and many relatives, including my sister, live there.  Example:  Hearing a noise, a man comes out of his house and says, "Want I should call the police?"  No Texan would use that phrase; they'd be more likely to say, "Y'all okay out here?"  Also, China herself carries a 'torch' in her car.  No, not a torch like what you'd light with a lighter, but a flashlight.  What Texan calls it a torch?  Maybe by way of Great Britain, but not Texas.  And here's the biggie - not one of these people ever say 'reckon' or 'y'all'.  My relatives are reckoning all over the place (I reckon I'll go to the store); and ('y'all fixin' to go to the store?)  These people all talk like transplants.  Use some regional idioms, for goodness' sake.

Hopefully, the next book in the series will be better, since I'll give it another chance.

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