Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Killer Plot

Author: Ellery Adams
Genre:  Mystery

3 Stars
Olivia Limoges is a damaged soul.  After years away and being raised by her grandmother, she has returned to Oyster Bay, North Carolina, and the home she shared with her parents.  She is also extremely rich, and keeps to herself with only her dog, a standard poodle named Captain Haviland, for company.  She owns an upscale restaurant, prefers to eat at what seems to be a retro eatery, and is friends with the owner.  Olivia is attempting to write a novel, and this same friend encourages her to join a local writers' group, telling her it will be good for her and the progression of her novel.  She is eventually approached by a member of said group, and he convinces her to do so.  Soon after, there is a brutal murder, and Olivia takes it upon herself to find the killer at any cost.
To be honest, I had a hard time liking this woman, and I really tried.  She lost both her parents in two separate accidents, and because of this, she has closed herself off to people.  (Since she was nine, I believe she has had plenty of time to recover; many people who have lost both parents do); and uses her money and power to hide behind.  There are others who have been in this situation and manage to move on, but not Olivia.  The only one she is close to is her dog, Captain Haviland.

Throughout the book I was hoping for some sort of character development whereby she learned to care for people, or at least show some human emotion; but unfortunately, I didn't feel that this ever seemed to have happened.  It would have made the book so much more appetizing if she had progressed in some way.
However, the book itself was an easy read, and the mystery was well thought out.  The descriptions of the area she lived in were done very well.  I liked several of the secondary characters, and that's really what kept me reading, and perhaps by the second book Olivia will have gained some 'character development'.  I plan on reading the second in this series, and hopefully, she'll be a better person.

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