Monday, April 15, 2013

Hung Out to Die

Author: Sharon Short
Genre: Mystery

4 Stars
Josie Toadfern owns a laundromat in a small town. Since being ostracized from her father's family.  When she was two years old, her father left and her mother shortly thereafter put her in an orphanage.  Her paternal grandmother told everyone she was dead, and she was raised by her maternal aunt and uncle, who rescued her. 
Now, twenty-two years later, her grandmother, 'Mamaw' Toadfern sends Josie a message that she wants to see her, and that is why is is going to spend Thanksgiving dinner with her paternal side of the family.  Josie doesn't want to go, and against her better judgment, she does because she is curious and wants to see why she was invited.  That is when things go from bad to worse.  Shortly after she arrives, her mother shows up - as does her father. When there is a murder, her father is accused of the crime, so Josie sets out to prove him innocent.
I read this book because it takes place at Thanksgiving (and I usually read holiday-themed books in the autumn and winter); and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a good mystery.
I read this book because it takes place at Thanksgiving (I read usually read holiday-themed books around the autumn and winter holidays), and was pleasantly surprised to find it a good mystery.

Even though I liked this book, I still had to wonder: After what her parents did - dumping her in an orphanage like she didn't exist - did she even care what happened to them?  They didn't appear to love her, because they didn't even try to find a family member to raise her.  I guess blood IS thicker than water. Still, recommended reading.

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