Monday, April 29, 2013

The Hopeless Hoyden

Author:  Margaret Bennett
Genre:  Regency Romance

3 Stars

Emily Pendleton, while gathering berries in the woods one day, overhears a plot to kill her neighbor, the Viscount Lindemann.  Sensing that she has been discovered, she begins running away, only to run directly into the path of the viscount.  After she mistakenly attacks him (I won't tell you how), thinking he is one of her pursuers; he soon recovers and begins to wonder about his 'protector'.

Gabriel, Viscount Lindemann, has recently returned from the war, and is hosting an unwanted houseparty arranged by his cousin Cecil.  He visits Emily at her home, becomes entranced by her, and invites her to his houseparty, telling her that she can help him discover who wishes him dead, and later proceeds to fall in love with her.

When they are caught in a compromising position by Cecil, Gabriel announces he and Emily are engaged and realizes this is the very thing he wants.  However, now the men who want him dead are including Emily along with the viscount, and he knows he must protect her as well as himself, all the while trying to convince her that she is imagining things.  He does this because he wants her to not put herself in danger; but Emily is braver than he thinks, and continues her investigation regardless of what the viscount wants.

Emily, meanwhile, is torn between her desire to protect Gabriel from those who want him dead, and attempting to break her engagement to him, thinking he only proposed because of the situation they were in.  Yet she realizes that she loves him, but does not believe he loves her.  His attempts to convince her of this fact still leave her disbelieving that he could love someone as she, who, as her brother puts it, is a 'hoyden whom no viscount would want as a wife.'

I do like Regency romances, and this one had potential.  However, even after Emily believes that Gabriel would not want her for a wife, she never tried to change her ways at all.  She not only continued being a 'hoyden', as it were, but continued putting herself in situations to prove that she was one.  That didn't make any sense to me.

Also, there were quite a few typographical errors which detracted from the story: bread instead of beard; wrecked instead of wracked; stain instead of satin; coach instead of couch; gong instead of going; petty coat instead of petticoat (which was used several times, and would be proper if you thought perhaps your coat was of small importance).  Perhaps if there were not so many errors which detracted from the book, I would have given it another star.

However, it is a sweet light read, and recommended for anyone who likes Regencies.

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