Thursday, April 10, 2014

No One Could Have Guessed the Weather

Author: Anne-Marie Casey
Genre:  Fiction

Five Stars
The middle part of your story might just be the beginning...
After her husband loses his job, Lucy has to leave behind her posh life in London and settle into a tiny East Village apartment.  Now she's a middle-aged mother in the midst of hipsters, homesick and resentful until she embarks on a new love affair-with New York City and three new friends.
Julia has left her family for a mini breakdown and a room of her own.  Trophy wife Christy is a bit adrift, as only those who live in penthouses can be.  Robyn is constantly compensating for her wunderkind husband who can't seem to make the transition to adulthood.  And all of them are starting to learn that what you want in your twenties isn't always what you need in your forties...
I honestly didn't know what to expect from this book.  At first glance, it sounds like another chick-lit novel, where four women get together and then start dishing on their lives, their unhappiness and missed opportunities; and proceed to have affairs that will "make things all better."
Well, it is none of those things.  What is is, exactly, is up to the reader to decide.  While the books is told from four different standpoints - Lucy, Julia, Christy and Robyn - and what is going on in their lives at this particular moment; the actions they take that will influence every day of their lives from this point on, I found it to be quite interesting in the fact that none of these women are remotely alike, and yet they grow to become friends.
It follows a year in the lives of these four women, and the thoughts, feelings and changes they go through.  It shows how their lives intersect and how they react to one another through this time.  What begins as Lucy merely entering this circle by chance - moving to New York - shows that as she meets these three other women her life, and theirs, begin to change, as they enter their forties and realize that life is what you want it to be; and a strong bond is joined between three of the four.
I truly enjoyed reading this, and though it may not appeal to everyone, if you choose to read it I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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