Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beach Bags and Burglaries

Author:  Dorothy Howell
Genre:  Mystery

Five Stars
The island has everything Haley has imagined: pristine beaches, posh accommodations, and possibly Brad Pitt. But trouble soon looms on the horizon when Jaslyn Gordon, a maid at the island resort, goes missing. And while practically looting the resort for a Sea Vixen beach bag, Haley of course finds the maid - on the beach...and clearly dead. Everyone at the resort says Jaslyn's death was just an accident, but Haley thinks there's a lot going unsaid...especially when she spots hunky FBI agent Luke Warner. He claims to be on the island only for a wedding but Haley's not buying it. Haley's faced down clever criminals before and always come out on top, but this malicious murderer might be too crafty. And though she's dying to get her hands on a Sea Vixen, she also wants to live long enough to be seen with it!
Haley Randolph, in this latest installment of the series, wins a vacation to Rowan Resort, a private vacation island.  She brings her three BFFs with her - Bella, Marcie and Sandy - and decides that this will be a "girls' vacation".  Everything they want is theirs merely for the asking, they even have their own private attendant, Avery, who is responsible for making theirs a memorable stay.
Unfortunately for Haley it will be memorable in more ways than one - one of the resort's maids has been missing for a few days - and she's just discovered the body.  When she is questioned by police and the head of security, Walt Pemberton, she figures that's the end of it.  But it's only just the beginning...
She spots Ben Oliver, a reporter she knows (and he's not too fond of her, to use one of Haley's lines: it's a long story).  He insists he's onto something big, but also insists it has nothing to do with the murder.  Not long after that, FBI agent Luke Warner shows up - and he insists he's not there for the murder, either - he's there for a wedding.  Then, Haley is cornered by Yasmin, a woman she knows who is getting married, and insists Haley help her plan her wedding and attend (with her friends) as a guest, since most of Yasmin's guests have cancelled because of the murder. 
Okay, so maybe this vacation isn't going the way she wanted.  And maybe the new guy she's trying to get her friend Sandy interested in isn't what he appears to be.  And so what if a couple more guys she knows - and are hot - show up?  It's all good as long as she gets her hands on the Sea Vixen, the latest tote that she must have...
While Haley weaves herself in and out of situations that would make a lesser woman give up in defeat, she tries to juggle time with her friends and tries to figure out why her male friends are showing up in droves; and get her hands on the Sea Vixen tote which is eternally out of her reach.  This book is fun, amusing, enchanting and delightful.  Although we're not any farther into the Haley-Ty where-is-it-going-to-go relationship, what we have here is an enjoyable ride that I'm glad I was able to take part.
Highly recommended.

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