Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Deadly Assets

Author:  Wendy Tyson
Genre:  Mystery

Five Stars

An eccentric Italian heiress from the Finger Lakes. An eighteen-year-old pop star from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Allison Campbell’s latest clients seem worlds apart in every respect, except one: Both women disappear on the same day. And Allison’s colleague Vaughn is the last to have seen each.

Allison’s search for a connection uncovers an intricate web of family secrets, corporate transgressions and an age-old rivalry that crosses continents. The closer Allison gets to the truth, the deadlier her quest becomes. All paths lead back to their sinister Finger Lakes estate and the suicide of a woman thirty years ago.


Allison Campbell is an Image Consultant: That is, she teaches people how to better present themselves to the world, and this includes not only the outside trappings, but also the inside.  She has received a telephone call from Francesca Benini, who needs her help:  Francesca's brother Paolo is dying, and she intends to take over the family business.  The only problem is that Francesca has not left her home for almost forty years.  After meeting with Francesca, it is determined that she will leave her home and come to the city for her lessons.

On top of that, the latest client in her office is Tammy Edwards.  Tammy is a singer, poised to be on a television show, America's Next Pop Star.  The problem is - according to Tammy's manager, Denise Carr, and apparent to Allison - Tammy won't talk.  She won't do anything.  Denise leaves Tammy in Allison's hands, where she will be for a week to see if Allison can break through the surface.  Between these two, Allison will definitely have her hands full.

But something happens:  Allison sends her employee, Vaughn, to drop Tammy off at her home and pick up Francesca and bring her back to the city.  So he drops Tammy off at her apparently empty home, and heads back to the city with Francesca, with only a quick stop for a bathroom break...where Francesca disappears...and so does Tammy.

Panicked, Vaughn discovers that he was the last one to have seen both Tammy and Francesca.  Allison, knowing the terrible past of her employee, vows to find both women before something terrible happens to either of them. 

This book has more twists and turns than a roller coaster.  What starts out as a simple missing persons case turns into something darker and more sinister than either of them could have imagined.  And when Allison's ex-mother-in-law, Mia, decides to help on her own, things become even more tangled than anyone could have thought.  Little does Allison know that the more she probes into these cases, the more she discovers that they are tied into the life (and death) of Paolo's late wife, Gina.  While trying to discover the truth about the circumstances surrounding Gina's death, Allison is figuring out that she may be close to something more sinister than she ever would have believed.

It is sharp, intense, and immensely pleasing to read.  The story melds together all the pieces beautifully and keeps you interested.  The clues aren't that easy to deciper (at least not right away), and when you realize that what has happened to both Tammy and Francesca are tied together, it is woven in such a way to be believable. 

A highly enjoyable and satisfying read; highly recommended.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read the book. This is a lovely review.

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