Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Drawing Conclusions (A Sketch in Crime Mystery)

Author:  Deirdre Verne
Genre:  Mystery

Five Stars
CeCe Prentice - environmentalist, peace-lover, artist—will stop at nothing to discover the truth behind her twin brother’s untimely death.
While she never saw eye to eye with her father—the ambitious director of a renowned genetics research center—CeCe Prentice always remained close to her brother, Teddy. When Teddy is found dead at the lab where he worked for their father, CeCe’s efforts to mourn the tragic loss are interrupted by several attempts on her own life.

CeCe is naturally drawn in to the investigation, teaming up with Detective Frank DeRosa, the officer assigned to protect her. Together, they begin looking into the circumstances surrounding Teddy’s death, only to discover the truth may be found closer to home than they think—in CeCe’s own paintings.

CeCe Prentice is a Freegan - someone who gets as much as they can for free, to use or repurpose it - and lives with several friends in a home left to her by her grandmother.  She is also a portrait artist, and excellent at it.  When her brother Teddy is found dead, she is stunned - after all, he was only twenty-eight - and when there is an attack on her own life the day of Teddy's funeral, she is suspicious.  Then, when Teddy's ex-fiancee kills herself, CeCe is concerned; and when it is discovered that Teddy's death wasn't an accident, she is determined to find out who murdered him and why.
When her father has a police detective assigned to watch her day and night, CeCe at first clashes with and dislikes Detective DeRosa, but soon enough she discovers she's beginning to appreciate his attention to detail and the way he thinks, and he begins to remind her of her deceased twin, Teddy; so while she reluctantly accepts the fact that he is there to keep her from harm, she doesn't like it.
To say any more would be giving away the premise of the book, so, unfortunately, I will have to leave my description such as it is.  I will tell you that as you read, you begin to see things through the eyes of CeCe, which includes her perceptions of the detective, and those of her parents and her friends.  The story we have before us is a tale of medicine, family, revenge.  At what point do medical experiments become more than that?  At what point do people matter more than medicine?  While most of the lives entwine together in one way or another, it is the sense that you have to decide whether something was wrong in and of itself, or not.
I found the book to be quite interesting, the tale worth reading.  Almost immediately we are given bits of information to digest and think about, and I enjoyed that immensely.  And while I understand the Freegan lifestyle, I don't agree with it completely (I am much too comfortable not eating food from a dumpster and food that has been partially consumed by a stranger), so yes, I did have the 'ick factor' that CeCe referred to when she did this (it is in the beginning of the book, so no spoiler there).  That notwithstanding, highly recommended.
**Note:  I am a member of the Freecycle Network, and offer items without cost to others if they can use them.  However, I do not "dumpster dive" as CeCe does in order to do so!**

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