Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dollar Daze (The Bottom Dollar Series)

Author:  Karin Gillespie
Genre:  Fiction/Chick Lit

Five Stars

When high school heartthrob Brewster Clark returns to town, both Birdie and Mais are angling for his affections, threatening their long-term friendship.

Ever-so-proper Gracie Tobias meets Rusty the dreamy doctor of her dreams but soon discovers he's actually a blue-collar duct doctor.  Will their wildly different social positions drive a wedge between them?  Meanwhile Elizabeth is trying to put the sizzle back to her marriage.  Not even octogenarian Attalee is immune to love's siren call.  She gets engaged to beau Dooley and plans a wild bachelorette party and steamy honeymoon.

Traveling love's rocky road keeps the Bottom Dollar Girls asking, "Is it ever too late for moons and Junes?"  Through much laughter and a few tears the girls discover that the answer is a resounding no.


Life goes on in Cayboo Creek, South Carolina for a group of female friends - Attalee, Mavis, Birdie, Mrs. Tobias (Gracie) and Elizabeth.  Although each very different people, and ranging in ages from Elizabeth's twenty-something to Attalee's eighty, they still have a strong bond tying them together as they've spent their lives living and working near each other.  But lately, things are going to get heated up and change...

Attalee is bound and determined to wed her 78-year-old boyfriend Dooley, and wants a big wedding with all the trimmings, much to the dismay of her friends.  Elizabeth is unhappy being a stay-at-home first time mom and wants to return to work, but her husband Timothy is dead-set against it, having been raised by a succession of nannies while his own mother worked.  Mrs. Tobias, who lives nearby in Augusta, is longing for something in her life, but never expects that it will come in the form of Rusty, an attractive man who, although from a different social circle as her, shows her a different way of living and makes her happier than she's been in a long time.  And when Brewster Clark, an old high school friend of Mavis and Birdie's returns to town, their close friendship might just be threatened. 

While Birdie supposedly has supposedly sworn off men, and Mavis figures at her age there probably isn't anyone out there who wants her, both are surprised by the intense rivalry that pops up when Brewster, an ex-football star, returns to Cayboo Creek to take care of a house that was willed to him.  Both women have decided to woo the eligible male behind each others' backs.  As Brewster convinces Mavis to help him plan a high school reunion, the womens' rivalry intensifies and they stop speaking to each other.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth isn't able to convince her husband she hates staying home, and he starts sabotaging all her efforts to find a part time day care so she can look for a job.  It gets to the point where they stop speaking to each other.  And Attalee, even though she's eighty, wants a real wedding complete with white floor-length gown, veil, bridesmaids, and all the trappings including a bachelorette party.

Reading this book, I could almost imaging being in a small town in South Carolina.  These women, all widowed save for Elizabeth, have developed a bond for each other, and they're just trying to live every day as best they can, while always hoping that maybe, just maybe, there might be someone out there for them again.  And even if they find the person they think might just be the perfect one they want to spend happily-ever-after with, they find that it just could be that what you thought you wanted and what you really wanted aren't the same thing after all.  Highly recommended.

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