Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality

Author:  Phillip C. McGraw
Genre:  Self-Help

Hardcover; E-book; Audiobook
ISBN #:  9781939457318
Bird Street Books
338 Pages
$17.68; $9.99 Amazon; Audible
January 6, 2015

Two Stars

In The 20/20 Diet, Dr. Phil McGraw identifies seven reasons other diets fail people over and over again:  hunger, cravings, feeling of restriction, impracticality and expense, boredom, temptations, and disappointing results or plateaus.  Then, he addresses each of these roadblocks by applying the latest research and theories that have emerged since his last best seller on the same topic, The Ultimate Weight Solution.  Dr. Phil and his team have created a plan that you can start following right now and continue working for the rest of your life.  In this diet, readers will start by eating only 20 key ingredients, called the "20/20 foods," which theories indicate may help enhance your body's thermogenesis and help you feel full.  But that's just the beginning.  This book explains why you haven't been able to lose the weight before, and empowers you with cognitive, behavioral, environmental, social and nutritional tools so you can finally reach your goal, and learn lifelong healthy habits to maintain those results.


In 'theory' as is stated in the blurb, this diet should work; but theory isn't fact.  And, to be truthful, it probably does for some people.  But in order for it to work you have to be able to like the food you're eating.  Although Dr. Phil stresses that you can live with eating certain foods for five days at a time; not necessarily.  I don't eat prunes, hummus, coconut oil, mustard, or any number of foods he mentions (fish and eggs are an exception, but even I couldn't eat them straight for five days).  If you're making faces every time you put anything in your mouth, you're doing it wrong.  Eating only salads and smoothies for ten days?  That's a bit much, in my opinion.  And if you eat out, you should make your own dressing and bring your own salad toppings.  Really?  Go to eat at a nice restaurant and then order a $10 bowl of lettuce, pull out your own toppings to add?  Classy.  Yes, eating salads and drinking smoothies will help you lose weight.  But what is the point if all you're eating is lettuce every single day? Unfortunately, the book tells you nothing new - just don't eat bread, pasta, sugar, fried foods - the same as every other diet book; and to exercise.  I just don't feel there is anything new given in this book.

I think nearly everyone knows that you need to eat right and exercise to lose weight.  You need to drink water.  But if you want people to lose weight, you also have to give them appetizing foods to eat, and unfortunately, you won't find it in this book.

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