Thursday, January 28, 2016

Modular Crochet

Author:  Judith Copeland
Genre:  Crafts

Hardcover; Paperback; E-book
ISBN #:  9780871312563; 9780486796871
Dover Publications
192 Pages
$13.63; $20.39; $14.72 Amazon
December 1, 1978

Five Stars

Crocheting has never been faster and easier - and the design possibilities have never been more exciting.  This simple but innovative technique makes creating sophisticated-looking pullovers as easy as crocheting a scarf.  All modular crochet garments are worked in the same basic shape, which consists of eight modules, or rectangles.  You can make an infinite number of styles by varying the sizes of the rectangles, the type and color of yarn, and the stitches.  What's more, you can customize each garment while it's being made for perfect-fit pullovers in any size, silhouette, and style - and you'll never have to follow traditional written instructions again.

Nearly four decades after its initial publication, this guide remains among the most revolutionary and revered books on freeform and improvisational crochet.  Even beginners can use its innovative method to make pullovers, turtlenecks, vests, ponchos, caftans, and other items.  Easy-to-follow diagrams accompany each original design, in addition to 40 large full-color photos.


While this book was originally published in 1978, what makes it timeless is the method of construction.  I would guess that it would be very simple for anyone using it today to apply to any number of modern patterns.  Plus, with the great amount of different yarns that are available now, the possibilities are endless.

Pullovers never go out of style, and some of the designs her are truly beautiful, even today.  For anyone who loves to crochet, this book makes it easy to create your own sweaters, scarves, coats, etc., merely by changing hook size and yarn type.

Each piece is made in a rectangle, which you then fit to your body; it will make a custom-fit garment that is actually tailor-made (by you!).  The stitches are all basic, which makes the work go quickly.  In the end, you are only limited by your own imagination.  Highly recommended.

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  1. I haven't seen this book before. Though my friend, that usually write my essay is fond of crocheting and she says this book is amazing.


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