Monday, January 11, 2016

The Chili Cookbook

Author:  Robb Walsh
Genre:  Cookbooks

Hardcover; Ebook
ISBN#:  9781607747956
Ten Speed Press
200 Pages
$10.79; $11.99 Amazon
September 29, 2015
Four Stars

Americans love chili.  Whether served as a hearty family dinner, at a potluck with friends, or as the main dish at a football-watching party, chili is a crowd-pleaser.  It's slathered over tamales in San Antonio, hot dogs in Detroit, and hamburgers in Los Angeles.  It's ladled over spaghetti in Cincinnati, hash browns in St. Louis, and Fritos corn chips in Santa Fe.

In The Chili Cookbook, award-winning author Robb Walsh digs deep into the fascinating history of this quintessential American dish.  Who knew the cooking technique traces its history to the ancient Aztecs, or that Hungarian goulash inspired the invention of chili powder?

Fans in every region of the country boast the "one true recipe," and Robb Walsh recreates them all - 60 mouth-watering chilis from easy slow-cooker suppers to stunning braised meat creations.  There are beef, venison, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, and shrimp chilis to choose from - there is even an entire chapter on vegetarian chili.  The Chili Cookbook is sure to satisfy all your chili cravings.


Who doesn't like chili?  For myself, (not counting this book) I probably have close to fifty or more recipes for chili.  Since I love to cook, it's only natural that I'd have plenty of them.  So when I saw this new book, I couldn't wait to see what was in it.

For the most part, I wasn't disappointed.  Mr. Walsh begins with explaining the ingredients used in chili and even includes a recipe for homemade chili powder.  There's even a recipe for homemade tortillas.  The rest of the book, as expected, is recipes for chilis and its variations across the world.  He accompanies each of these with origins and stories.  There is one recipe, however, that bothered me a little.  It reads to add 'several tomatoes, depending on size, chopped.'  Excuse me, but that doesn't tell me how many tomatoes are needed.  One cup?  Two?  Are we supposed to just guess?

Other than that, while you probably won't make every recipe in the book (unless you really like chili), you'll find a few that you enjoy.  Recommended.

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