Monday, October 23, 2017

Say No Moor (A Passport to Peril Mystery)

Author:  Maddy Hunter
Genre:  Mystery

Trade Paperback; Digital Book
ISBN #:  9780738749617
Midnight Ink Publishing
336 Pages
$15.99; $11.99 Amazon
January 8, 2018


Hoping to reach an expanded clientele of senior travellers, Emily Miceli, travel agency owner and tour escort, offers discounted fares to a handful of bloggers in exchange for highlighting her group's tour of Cornwall, England.  But when the quarrelsome host of their historic inn dies under suspicious circumstances, Emily worries that the bloggers' coverage of the situation will torpedo her travel agency.

To make matters worse, Emily is roped into running the inn, and not even a team effort from her friends can prevent impending disaster.  As one guest goes missing and another turns up dead, Emily discovers that well-kept secrets and family treasure can provide more than enough motive for murder.


Emily Andrews Miceli's senior tour group is at it again, this time in 'Merry Olde England', on the Cornwall coast.  Trying to get more business for her tours, Emily has invited along five (very strange) travel bloggers - at a deeply discounted rate that only rancors her regulars - to give daily updates on the pleasures of touring with their agency.

But no sooner do they arrive at their destination than disaster befalls (did we expect anything else?).  The abrasive chef dies shortly after serving tea, and when it's discovered it wasn't an accident, the group is informed they must stay where they are.  But it gets worse when the co-owner of the inn (and life partner of the chef) is arrested and there's no one to cook or clean.  But then they discover there's a thief among them:  not only is money being stolen, but things like...wigs...and shoes.  Who would want to do such a thing?  It only escalates when one of Emily's seniors disappears, and no one seems to know where.

With a missing tourist and personal items, the body count mounting, suspicious bloggers, and Emily unwillingly running an inn that's apparently crumbling around them, nothing more can happen to them now...or can it?

As always, Ms. Hunter has given us another chapter in the topsy-turvy life of Emily Andrews Miceli and her (practically) insane seniors, who are more concerned with getting the best seat at the breakfast table than finding another dead body among them.

She brings you into their world so beautifully that you begin to wonder if you could survive a trip with them without needing medication yourself.  The story is fast-moving and event filled, helped along by plenty of humor and more than one mystery to be solved.  Emily's frustration is almost palpable, along with her fondness for each and every one of these irascible golden-agers who are having the time of their lives while finding reasons to argue with and attempt to one-up each other.

When the many mysteries are solved, they are woven together tautly and delightfully, giving us a conclusion not only believable but rewarding in itself; the pieces come together nicely and everything is just as it should be.  I eagerly await the next tour and spending time with Emily's seniors (as I have come to know them).  While this is part of a series, each book is written in a way that it can be read as a stand-alone; however, I will tell you that after reading the first in the series, Alpine for You, I was so enamored that I wanted to read each and every one, and I have no doubt that you will too.  Highly recommended.


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