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Death of a Bacon Heiress (Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery #7)

Author:  Lee Hollis
Genre:  Mystery

Mass Market Paperback; MP3 CD; Digital Book
ISBN #:  9781496702524; 9781531835675
Kensington Publishing
320 Pages
$7.99; $9.99; $5.99 Amazon
March 29, 2016

When Hayley is invited to do a cooking demo on one of daytime's most popular talk shows, it's a welcome distraction from her empty nest blues.  And the newfound fame certainly has its perks - especially when Olivia Redmond, the posh bacon heiress of Redmond Meats, offers Hayley a writing gig with a juicy paycheck.

But Hayley's good fortune fizzles fast.  The heiress is found dead with her pot-bellied pig, Pork Chop, squealing bloody murder beside her body, and clogged arteries aren't to blame.  It turns out Olivia's inherited a wealth of enemies over the years, and as Hayley trims the fat off a mounting list of suspects, it's clear that being rich and hot-tempered can be a recipe for disaster...


Well, I hate to say it, but even I have to give up what little hope I was holding out for this series to improve.  I read and I read, hoping against hope that something, anything would change to make this series better.  Instead I came to a revelation that pretty much ended it for me.

I've realized that not a single woman in the book has a decent relationship.  Mona hates her [lazy] husband, Liddy keeps finding new boyfriends; and Hayley keeps a boyfriend for a few months and they break up.  You know, if this were a group of men instead of a group of women, there'd be a few choice words to say about them.  Losers.  Players.  Drunks. Jerks.  Good-for-Nothing.  But because they're women it's just bad choices?

The finality for me was the fact that in the last book Hayley and Aaron seemed to be progressing nicely in their relationship and falling in love.  But then out of the blue they decide to break up because they're not right for each other?  (No spoiler here since you see it coming from the first pages).  What?  Who wants to read a series where every female (or male) is lousy at relationships?  I have a great one, so do my sisters, friends, etc., but I guess they’re not right for each other but in the previous book they were right for each other?  WTH?  I guess three loser women can hang out together but I sure don’t want to read about them.  Maybe if they'd give up the booze for awhile (or at least go easy) they'd be able to figure out what was wrong with their lives and do something about it.  Not to mention a situation with Mona just seems so over the top.  Right...a woman with seven children.  Uh-huh.  Soooo believable...

I also couldn't get past the fact that a woman who owns a bacon empire would keep a pig as a pet.  A pig.  As a pet.  And makes her money in bacon.  Yeah, and I know a beef salesman that keeps a cow as a pet, too.  Another unbelievable scenario.  You don't keep your food as pets (unless you're the most insensitive mooch on the planet).

In the end, it's not that I'm promoting you need a man (or woman) to make you happy.  Many, many women do well without one (including one of my sisters).  But if you're going to write a series about three friends, why are all of them bad at relationships?  It's not plausible.  And Hayley has a crappy job that never gets any better, and no money.  Jeez, I guess I just got tired of being depressed every time I read one of these books.


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