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The Christie Curse (A Book Collector Mystery #1)

Author:  Victoria Abbott
Genre:   Mystery

Mass Market Paperback; Digital Book
ISBN #:  9780425255285
Berkley Publishing
295 Pages
$7.99; $7.99 Amazon
March 5, 2013


Jordan Bingham needs a new job and a new place to live.  She's back in Harrison Falls, New York, living with her not so law-abiding uncles, in debt thanks to a credit card-stealing ex and pending grad school loans.

Enter the perfect job, a research position that includes room and board, which will allow her to spend her days hunting down rare mysteries for an avid book collector.  There's just one problem:  her employer, Vera Van Alst - the most hated citizen of Harrison Falls.

Jordan's first assignment is to track down a rumored Agatha Christie play.  It seems easy enough, but Jordan soon finds out that her predecessor was killed while looking for it, and there is still someone out there willing to murder to keep the play out of Vera's hands.  Jordan's new job is good...but is it worth her life?


Jordan Bingham needs a job, and so applies to be a researcher for Vera Van Alst, whom, for some reason, everyone in town hates.  I'm guessing it's because her family's shoe factory closed and people lost their jobs, but blaming her seemed pretty ridiculous since she had nothing to do with it.  That's no different than if a store shuts down and the employees lose their job they start blaming the ten-year-old daughter who couldn't be culpable no matter what.

The second thing is we're given to understand that her uncles are thieves, because they own an "antiques" store.  Okay...are there really antiques or 'antiques'?  Did they steal everything (which could be spotted by someone and/or traced), did they receive stolen goods?  We're never told anything, so it's rather hard to make a judgment of any kind on this.

Then, the murder takes place before Jordan gets the job, before the book begins.  So we don't know anything except the victim was young (28) and worked as the researcher before Jordan.  So why would she want to solve his murder?  Shouldn't she just be trying to find an Agatha Christie play, if it exists?  In fact, there was very little about Dame Christie at all.

Yes, there was conflict, since another person was attacked, but the book never seemed to draw me in, since there was more conversation and less of anything that was interesting.  In fact, the best thing about the book was Sal.  (I don't know; maybe because I live in Las Vegas, but hey...).  Anyway, I just didn't find this book intriguing enough to continue with the series.

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