Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Case of Imagination

Author: Jane Tesh
Genre: Mystery

2 Stars
Madeline Maclin "Mac" is a former beauty queen turned private investigator who just isn't doing any business.  She has been friends forever with Jerry Fairweather, who goes around telling people he's psychic.  He tells Mac that his Uncle Val has died and left him a house, and convinces her to drive out to Celosia, a half an hour away, where they find that a local beauty pageant is in trouble.  Jerry also decides that the house is perfect for him to set up a psychic shop.  When there is a murder, Mac, being a former beauty queen herself,  is hired to investigate.
The heroine, is an ex-little-girl beauty pageant winner, and soooo gorgeous that she cut her hair and wears no makeup so people will take her seriously as a private detective.  Really?  Is being unattractive a requirement for an investigator?  I hadn't heard that one.  In fact, throughout the entire book everyone keeps telling her how gorgeous she is (so I guess it doesn't matter that she has short hair nor wears makeup; so she might as well grow her hair long again for all the good it did.
That alone, unfortunately, made this book difficult to read, mainly because none of the characters had any depth or made me care about any of them. I wasn't even sure if it was a mystery or a romance, since it kept veering back and forth.
However, I gave it two stars because I thought it could have been an interesting book with more character development.

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