Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Old is Murder

Author: Rita Lakin
Genre: Mystery

4 Stars
Gladdy Gold is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida retiree.  When one of her friends, Selma Beller is dies, nobody at the retirement complex things anything out of the ordinary.  But then another senior dies in a way quite similar, and they all start beginning to think of murder.  There is a young detective who won't listen to anything they say, and a retiree, Greta Kronk who keeps trying to make herself one of the suspects.

I really liked this book. The old people were hilarious. They all had their problems, as old people do; (health, dementia, etc.), but I still found most of them likeable. I didn't really care for Hy, who kept telling dirty jokes (I know he would have been reprimanded severely in the retirement home my aunt lives in - they would have told him to 'knock it off' a long time ago); but other than that, the people faced real problems - one taking care of his wife, who has Alzheimer's, another losing their family in the Holocaust, to name two.

The characters were written well, and they were believable.  Sometimes, I find it is hard to write seniors true-to-life unless you have spend some major time with them.  Most think seniors are dull, crabby people who want nothing to do except play bingo, but that's not the case; and this Ms. Lakin does this well.  So, I will read others in this series, as it's easy to get involved with all of them.

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