Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Deadly Snow Fall

Author: Cynthia Gallant-Simpson
Genre: Mystery

2 Stars
There is a late snowstorm in Provincetown, Maine, which is at the very tip of Cape Cod.  Then a body is found at the base of the famous Pilgrim Monument, and the police assume that an elderly man, Edwin Snow III jumped to his death.

Liz Ogilvie-Smythe, a British transplant who owns an inn, suspects it might have been murder.  She tries to convince the chief of police to reopen the case, and she continues searching for clues on her own.
This book was decent as far as the mystery goes; but I think the author went too far in that she kept reiterating Liz' circumstances. We get it: she's rich, her parents ignore her; etc. And, according to her, if anyone knows she's rich, they'll pretty much dislike her. What shallow people she thinks live in the USA. There are also times the dialogue is stilted and cliche, and I felt that I was not really allowed to know too much about Liz at all except for what I have already stated above.

The mystery itself was pretty good, but the main thing I thought was wrong with this book was that it was supposed to be a cozy - as the author pointed out repeatedly through the book via the narration of Liz, who constantly referred to the fact that everything was happening just like the cozy mysteries she liked to read - and since I was constantly reminded of that fact, it was the only way I knew it was a cozy.  If you're going to write a cozy mystery, your reader will know that fact without it being told to them many times throughout your book.  It was as if the author needed to keep reminding everyone because they would have forgotten.

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