Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stamped Out

Author: Terri Thayer
Genre: Mystery

1 Star
April Buchert returns home to Aldenville, Pennsylvania after the breakup of her marriage.  She has not been home for years and needs money, so has accepted a job working with her father.  She is a professional rubber stamper who is going to help her father restore the famous Winchester mansion.

Soon a human skull is found in the rubble of what they are tearing down, and April's father is considered a suspect because he oversaw the original construction twenty years ago.  Soon, there are more deaths and April tries to find the truth so she can clear her father.
Okay, here's another book that's hard to review without a lot of spoilers, but I'll try:  This book just didn't make any sense. April is hired to help restore the Winchester mansion to 'its former glory'.  Now, she is hired to rubber stamp the walls, but from everything I've ever known, I don't think any mansions had rubber stamped walls, and I can't imagine anyone wanting to do that to their walls.  Especially if you have a stately mansion.  It just didn't seem right, and the author never said anything about why the owner wanted the walls done that way.

I ordinarily try to find positive things to say about every book I read, but unfortunately, personally I think the heroine, April, is bipolar. She's angry about everything and angry at her parents; then, just as suddenly, she's nice to people.  She returns home after 14 years away, and her parents act as if she were just on vacation and returning home.  No long discussions about her time away, or why.  Her relationships with her parents just don't ring true.  The people she knows act like they haven't seen her since yesterday.  No one questions WHY she hasn't come home in 14 years.  April herself just isn't a likeable person.

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