Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Death in a Turkey Town

Author: Melanie Jackson
Genre: Mystery

3 Stars
In the third book in this series, it is nearing Thanksgiving, and a truck entering Hope Falls overturns, leaving wild turkeys running all over town.  Chloe Boston, the meter maid, is assigned the task of rounding them up.  It isn't too long before she finds a murder, and the chief wants the turkeys and the murder solved by the Thanksgiving holiday.
Chloe is a meter maid who wants to be a police officer, but because she's only 5' tall, she won't pass the physical examination; although if it were me, and I knew this for a fact, I think I would find another profession, since I wouldn't spend my life wanting to be something I knew I never would be.  That would be like staying a busboy even though you wanted to be a chef but knew you just didn't have what it takes.  Why torture yourself?

Still, it was a decent read, but a few things didn't make sense (and I don't think I'm giving anything away here:)
1) Chloe mentions how pumpkins that were not turned into jack-o-lanterns would be made into pies (there are pie pumpkins and those raised specifically to be jack-o-lanterns, you can't turn a jack-o-lantern pumpkin into a pie);

 2) She's a meter maid.  Why are they assigning HER the task of cleaning them up instead of a team of police officers?  (This town isn't that busy, so I don't see why they couldn't spare the manpower;

 3) She states that she couldn't accept banana bread as a gift because it cost more than what she was allowed to receive in gifts per year, but then later on it reads "he threw in a loaf of banana bread for free". So I guess if he 'throws it in', it's not a gift as when she earlier declined it?  These are the kinds of things I notice in books, unfortunately (sigh).  Also, since banana bread is probably about $4 a loaf, what sort of gift is she allowed to accept?  A soft drink?  A few paper clips?  That in itself seemed odd.  Giving a loaf of banana bread isn't really a gift - it's like offering someone a sandwich.  You can eat it, it's food; it's not going to go in a trophy case.

Still, it was a breezy read.  I also would have liked it better if it had kept me guessing; but I figured out the killer early on in the book and wondered what took Chloe so long to figure it out. Other than that, it can be read in a few hours.

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