Monday, February 11, 2013

Edited for Death

Author: Michele Drier
Genre: Mystery

4 Stars
Amy Hobbes left Southern California when her husband told her he was leaving her and moving to Chicago with his pregant girlfriend (whom Amy did not know about).  Now needing a job, and as an ex-journalist, she received an offer to be the Managing Editor of the local newspaper.  When a World War II hero dies, and two others soon after,  Amy finds the deaths are linked and sets out to solve the murders.

I liked the mystery, and it was surprisingly good.  It kept me guessing throughout.  The fact that she intertwines the present day with World War II was extremely intriguing.  Going back and forth between the eras and seeing how they tied together in the mystery was quite different from most mysteries, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.   The book also gives some insight into the world of art and art collecting, which I found interesting in itself.

Aside from a few typos (which was probably the formatting since this was a Kindle book), and a couple of F-bombs thrown in (that weren't necessary to the story), it had a very good plot and again, I enjoyed the fact that it was a modern/historical mystery.
I look forward to reading more from this author.  Recommended reading.

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