Monday, February 18, 2013

Murder Ole!

Author: Corinne Holt Sawyer
Genre: Mystery

3 Stars
Several residents from Camden-sur-Mer retirement home decide to take a trip to Mexico for Halloween, and while there, one of them dies of a heart attack.  No one thinks too much of it, because of the victim's age.  But then, on a following trip to Ensenada, someone else dies, and two senior sleuths, Angela and Caledonia, decide to investigate what they are sure is murder.
This had a decent mystery, and I liked the fact that the local police didn't treat the two women like they were merely indulging them in their 'whims'.  That was a nice change.  However, personally I didn't findthe book all that funny.
Some of the reasons were that most of the people were just plain annoying, including the two main characters.  I know there are grumpy people out there (yes, many think all elderly people are grumpy, but not me); yet almost all of them carped about one thing or another constantly.  It was beginning to get on my nerves.  Not one of them seemed like anyone I would have wanted to spend more time with.  All they did was complain.  In fact, I don't remember any of them being nice at all.  Since this was a later book in the series, I may try starting with the first one.  Perhaps if I start from the beginning, Angela and Caledonia may not seem so much a pain as they do in this book.

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