Friday, February 15, 2013

Not in My Backyard

Author: Susan Rogers Cooper
Genre: Mystery

1 Star
Romance writer/suburban mom E.J. Pugh doesn't want Michael Whitby for a neighbor.  He is a convicted criminal who has been in prison and now moved to the quiet Texas town where she lives.  Despite her fears, E.J. thinks he is being harassed by the townfolk, which affects his family, and this bothers her.  The locals have decided that Whitby must go.  But on Halloween, when a dead body is found on his lawn, she starts looking for the killer.
Unfortunately, I found this novel Not Believable.  I tried to get through this, I really did.  Even though I don't want to give anything away, and I will try very hard not to; the premise is Just Not Believable (to reiterate). 

If you read the book, hopefully you will find out for yourself why I say that.  If you want the reasons I say this summed up, you can always read my review on Goodreads.   There were just too many things wrong with this book, starting with why he was in prison.  Because that, my friends, explains why I found the rest of the book to not make any sense.

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