Monday, February 25, 2013

The Anteater of Death

Author:  Betty Webb
Genre: Mystery

3 Stars
This is the first of this series.  Lucy is a pregnant Giant Anteater who is suspected of killing a man found dead in her enclosure.  Teddy Bentley, her zookeeper, doesn't believe Lucy did it and sets out to find the real killer.  On top of that, she is going to be evicted from the houseboat she lives in, her father is running because he embezzled millions from the feds, and numerous other problems plague her, including the fact that being a single woman her mother keeps trying to set her up with eligible men.
I believe that the author did a good job in this book of showing zoo animals interacting with people, and I really liked that, and I also enjoyed the fact that they were made part of the mystery.
What I didn't like:  There was just "too much at once."  Too many things being thrown at me that could have been stretched out into several books.  It came off seeming that Teddy (the main character) was walking around with a black cloud over her head.  I am going to read the next book in this series and see if it is perhaps not so "busy". 
I guess it bothers me because this book was sort of like the person you first meet who tells you everything about their life right away - their kids, marriage, job, home, etc. I find it annoying to meet people like that. I prefer to spend time with them, and then learn things about them gradually, as they learn things about me. Of course, in a stand-alone novel that's different; but since this is the first in a series, why would you want to know everything about the character right away?

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