Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Koala of Death

Author:  Betty Webb
Genre: Mystery

3 Stars
In this second installment of the zookeeper Teddy Bentley novels, she finds the body of Koala Kate (another zookeeper) in Gunn Landing Harbor.  She soon finds out that Kate didn't drown and was strangled.  Suspects in the murder include not only other animal keepers at the zoo, but also people who live on boats at the same harbor Teddy does.

Teddy also needs repairs to her boat and agrees to appear on Koala Kate's weekly television show with some of her animals, albeit reluctantly.  When Teddy starts to go through Kate's journals, she finds out some things about her fellow zookeeper, and the killer begins targeting her.

There were some very funny moments with the television show when the host of the show wouldn't follow her instructions not to touch the animals (obviously, this host didn't realize that just because they're in a zoo, it doesn't mean they're not wild animals). 
I thought the mystery in this book, as in the first one, was pretty good.  Hence the 3 stars.  I like the information about, and interaction with, the animals.  But I still find Teddy herself annoying, and all the problems she has.  Usually in books the protagonist has one or two "problems" somewhere about; but Teddy seems to have them everywhere she looks.  Again, it's almost as if she has a black cloud somewhere over her head.

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